Scootering around Pai

When people ask me to describe Pai, I don’t know what to say. It’s like this little town with lots of small town culture. there’s music, art, design and love. when I say art, I don’t mean traditional Thai art such as woven bags / pouches / scarves but little modern cutesy etsy styled art that mostly centres around that which is Pai. you have local designers whose craft range from the fact that Pai is 3 hours bus ride from Chiang Mai, 6 hours by motorbike, 25mins by plane down route 1095. or little Pai dolls or little monsters or proclamations that as much as you love Pai, Pai loves you too.


One of the shops near our boutique hotel. I stop by it every day to see what new useless thing I could buy home.


one of the many cafes around Pai. they have this huge menu of 101 things to eat, ranging from Thai food to Northern Thai specialties (you can’t find in any restaurant in Singapore) and Western food. Due to the influx of white people in Pai, you get a few shops run by these people who have decided Pai is the place to settle down and never go anywhere again. I don’t blame them. I don’t mind living here.


A shop of hammocks. was tempted to get the rainbow one except I wouldn’t know where to put it. Maybe hang it over my bed. so in case I roll and fall out of it in the middle of the night, I still have my bed to catch me.

IMG_3310.jpg IMG_3309.jpg

There were stray dogs aplenty in Pai, actually most of Thailand. I can’t figure out why (considering stray cats are the norm in Singapore) but I’m not complaining. I’d run up and hug a dog any day but not a cat. This yellow mongrel on the right had his nose on my banana pancakes so he followed us down the streets hoping for a treat.


Just a short drive away were the hills of Pai. we found this little cafe on the way to the waterfall so we stopped by on our way back for a beer. this man, I forgot his name, runs the cafe and the villas with his wife. his dad is actually Teochew so we got really excited knowing our grandfathers probably came from the same village or something, although he spoke not a word of it. He said we reminded him of his children, who were either living in Bangkok or New York or some far flung city. I think it’s pretty amazing that a small town man like him managed to bring up 3 children who are now in big cities doing big city things.



he said I was like his daughter 🙂


at another Thai restaurant where I ordered my favourite steam fish (with lime and chili). the seafood here is so cheap and fresh. one fish like that costs about $28 back home. here? it’s only about $6-$8. I CAN SO LIVE IN PAI!


Basil minced chicken MMMMMMM


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