Latest Obsession: LIttle Red Riding Hood

Did I ever tell you one of the many things I waste my hard earned money on is useless stationery that I know I’ll never use? like this one from Japanese artist Shinzi Katoh. Tokyo had many of such shops selling locally designed items ranging from houseware (matching table ware with table cloth and stuff) to stationery sets. I found this Little Red Riding Hood post-it note pad and fell in love with it. it also cost me $5.90 for one and I don’t think I’ll ever use it.

I also bought the Pinocchio and the Snow White with her 7 Dwarves one. The plan was to send one each to my girlfriends to tell them I love them but they are still in my home coz they are too cute to be parted from me. but girls, if you’re reading this, I still love you too okay? no cutesy post-it is gonna say otherwise.

and then there’s Decole’s Little Red Riding Hood collection. I have here a fridge magnet hook except that I have no fridge so I ingeniously stuck it on the metal table lamp. I hope I don’t accidentally hook my eye one day while groping around in the dark for the lamp switch.

In other news, Twilight director adapts Little Red Riding Hood. another tale of forbidden love. Yawn. I wouldn’t watch it if not for the fact it stars Amanda Seyfried whom I love since Mean Girls days.


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