Games this week

I’ve been a little tardy in blog posts as I’ve been busy tapping away on my iPhone. typically the iPhone games I go for are either time management games or universe building sort. Yea I know, which sort of person enjoys time management games which involves a lot of multi-tasking and micromanagement right? My homie Linda’s boyfriend asks the same question of her while he watches her frantically ordering her iPhone minion around.

Ranch Rush $1.99

4ec7d512-1.jpg picture by burbur

When Bryan saw me playing this game, he said I was turning into a farmer. In this game you play this farmer girl who runs around plating tomatoes and cloves. It goes from really simple crops to higher grade stuff like making cheese, which requires putting 2 bottles of milk into the cheese machine, which requires getting milk from a cow, which requires feeding the cow cloves as it constantly moos for it.  40 levels and I finished it in a couple of hours. I also didn’t talk to boyfriend during that time but it’s okay. he had Call of Duty Black Ops to keep him occupied. Loads of fun!

Wedding Dash $2.99


Another time management game Wedding Dash. this game is moderately fun as you sit guests at preferred tables and away from not so welcomed relatives. the game would have been loads of fun if it weren’t laggy as hell. I’m really good with time management games and I tend to play ahead of the game, queuing the next few moves before the avatar moves to complete it. but of course when the game lags, whatever you tap doesn’t register and you end up running around for naught. not worth the money.

Hotel Dash $2.99


from the same makers of Wedding Dash, you have HOTEL DASH! as you run around trying to get your guests comfortable in their rooms. moderately fun and easy to play. a slight twist as you have ghouls and vampires living in your hotel, bothering your guests.

We Rule Quests Free

f68c885d-1.jpg picture by burbur

Moving away from time management games is a series of build your world games. We Rule is part of a We whatever series. I picked We Rule coz AuntyAdele was playing it. You have a kingdom, you build villages and farms and you collect crops and taxes. that’s it. it’s so boring my crops have sad faces on them.

Godfinger All Stars Free


okay i have to admit, i’m a little slow with this one. When people were playing it, I poohed poohed it as who would ever want to play such a silly game. I actually tried the first release and got bored within minutes. But with All-Stars, I decided to give it another go and boy am I hooked. it’s not hard considering the graphics and animation are really colourful and cute. and the noises they make to get your attention? my favourite is when I throw them into the pond and they struggle to stay afloat. Here you get to play God (if you haven’t figured it out already) and collect a bunch of followers as you grow your world. Of course you get to name your followers. Most people would name them after their friend. Eugene Goh named them after Man U players (to which someone asks, does this mean he only has 11 followers?) and after awhile I ended up not naming them coz I realised I don’t have that many friends and I don’t wanna start naming my colleagues on my world. Sad eh?

The other sad part is I realised they gave out a Maniac Mansion (dracula looking castle) on Halloween’s and since I’m a late bloomer which got hooked AFTER Halloween, guess who doesn’t have a dracula on her Godfinger 😦

Seen above, I named one of the followers after my Bryan and put him next to a grog cask.

Smurfs’ Village Free

c2b64ba8-1.jpg picture by burbur

Someone was squealing about this online so I decided to try it. Here you grow a smurfs village, where each mushroom house represents one additional smurf in your growing tribe of smurfs (so is that how Papa Smurf grows smurfs in his village if there is no other female smurf in the village other than Smurfette? Coz seriously the idea of Papa Smurf banging Smurfette is a little incestuous). Apart from that, you grow crops and you play little games like mix Papa Smurf’s potions and stupid things like that. Again like We Rule, I soon lost interest coz it’s not very challenging. As you can tell, my smurfs are going to die of starvation from the withered crops.



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