Dinner at The Sage, Mohammad Sultan Road

f7783dee.jpg picture by burbur

Set Menu Dinner at The Sage, Mohammad Sultan Road

Bryan’s extended family gathered together for dinner at The Sage to welcome Grand Aunt Lorna from Scotland, who was here on holiday for 2 months while visiting her son Uncle Bob. I didn’t think anyone that old could have a living parent THAT old but Aunt Lorna was a fine example of healthy living. She had papery thin skin as I shook her hand and she was all prim, proper and polite. “You’re a really sweet young lady!” she proclaimed.  And she was very glad to have met me. on my best behaviour, I said the same of her too.


Escargot & Prawn Risotto (A risotto with Burgundy escargot and tiger prawn bits flambeed with pastis, parmesan crusted poached egg and parsley veloute)

The table was arranged in order of age, from the grandmothers at one end to the cousins at the other, with the grandchildren seated at a separated table. In a small restaurant, our very big group of 36 took up a lot of space and made a lot of noise. Upon our arrival, everyone waved and greeted us. I waved happily at everyone, struggling to remember all their names as I greeted them in return. They were all very nice and warm people, I just suck at names.


Crab Cakes (Pan fried crab cake with mustard sauce, Argula leaves and shavings of Parnigiano Reggiano)

Almost all the food on the menu came in pairs so Bryan and I took one each and shared. The food took really long to come as the kitchen struggled to cook 26 sets at the same time so I stuffed my face with bread. to much regret since I could barely touch my mains when it arrived.


Mushrooms (Cappuccino of wild mushrooms with truffle infused scrambled eggs, asparagus and morel cream)

This was the best mushroom soup I’ve ever had. it was boiling hot with a layer of foam on it. it was creamy without being too thick, tasty without being too sweet and had the slightest tinge of mushroom without it being too strong.


Black Angus Ribeye (Charcoal-grilled Black Angus ribeye with confit of Spanish red onions, potato mousseline with asparagus and natural jus)

I’m not very good at making small talk so whenever Bryan got up to visit the loo, I panicked. what would I do, what can I say? Since most of the cousins had kids, the talk invariably led to child rearing practices. the cousins seated across from us had left their 9-month old wailing in the pram as they practiced the “cry themselves out” method. which is to let them cry until they tire out, or finally learn that crying doesn’t get them anywhere when it’s bedtime. Uncle Sherman called them cruel parents and felt that they should put their faces in the child’s face to assure him they still loved him even if they didn’t want to coddle him with hugs and kisses. All that led to the various methods of child rearing and schooling. from flash cards to some 1960s method to shicida schooling, it was really entertaining to listen to all this. Wynn, who was caught in the middle of her husband and her uncle arguing over who’s right, caught my amused look and grinned at me, “welcome to the family.”


Duck Confit (Duck leg confit on a Savoy cabbage parcel stuffed with a fricassee of field mushrooms and foie gras, potato puree and Pommery mustard jus)

I chose the duck confit over the steak coz I was all steaked out, although the steak was really good (crispy blacked on outside, tender and juicy on inside). the duck was really yummy but after 5 bites, I was going to throw up from overeating.

It was hilarious watching Uncle Sherman and Uncle Drake argue with each other. Brothers-in-law and business partners, they were talking shit at each other throughout dinner. Uncle Drake proclaimed that parents nowadays have no time for their children coz they work long hours. unlike himself, he works from 6pm – 9pm and then goes out partying after that. Uncle Sherman said not everyone had the luxury he has. Uncle Drake pointed out that Uncle Sherman worked from 230pm to 5pm. Uncle Sherman then started waving his middle fingers at Uncle Drake. I think that was the funniest shit I saw all night.


Bread and Butter Pudding (Vanilla bread and butter pudding with coconut sorbet)

The bread and butter pudding here is yummier than that at Rose Verandah. it was crispy on outside, moist on inside and tasted of caramel. lovely.

everyone was talking, the children were screaming, the only other table of 6 was celebrating a birthday. the restaurant was tiny and noisy, just the kind of place I like to be. It was funny watching the older children running around playing kissing games and then line themselves up in front of the mirror just for giggles.


Peanut Butter Panna Cotta (Peanut butter panna cota with fresh summer berries and spiced verjus sorbet)

Very smooth creamy texture.

I told Bryan the next time we attend these family things, he would have to use flashcards with everyone’s faces and pictures on it, with conversational tool tips I could memorise.


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