Will I go back to World of Warcraft?

This is the cinematic trailer to World of Warcraft’s third expansion Cataclysm. this round introduces a whole new look at the worlds of Kalimdor and Eastern Island as a cataclysm tears the old grounds apart. This adds an interesting element to the game that’s been around for eons and is definitely interesting for me since I quit the game coz I was bored to death of seeing the same places and things again and again.


A female and male goblin.

[Pictures from Wowwiki]

There will be new quests, dungeons, raids and bosses. 2 new classes introduced to the game: Goblin for Horde and Worgen for Alliance. at least it wasn’t vampire vs wolf. i’m not sure about playing goblin. While Worgen looks really cool, it means playing Alliance. gasp.

Other changes are new class mixes. Bryan is really excited about playing a Tauren Paladin. I think it’s the strangest thing I ever heard. While I bid my boyfriend farewell as he gets swept up in the Cataclysm fever, he paused and asked if i weren’t going to join him in WoW? I pointed out that even if we were to level our new characters together, he would probably play his Cow Pally every day and be levels ahead of mine, as he has done previously. He then crossed his heart and promised that he will only level his character when I’m playing. else his FALLS will BALL off. Twice. Yes, I didn’t think it was very convincing either.

perhaps i’ll play a Tauren priest or Troll druid.

in other news, what else is great about World of Warcraft is this new NPC they created in game in tribute to “The Red Shirt Guy”. he stumped WoW developers during Lore & Quest Q&A during Blizzcon regarding a missing character in the storyline. the developers then reinstated the missing character and added a red shirt NPC called “Wildhammer Fact Checker”. now is that the coolest shit or what?? This is why I love the game.

(Psst Blizzard, are you hiring?)




  1. marajaded · · Reply

    hahahahhaa.. falls will balls off.. hur hur hur

  2. So are you going to play WoW again? Compared to the trailer for BC and WotLK, I thought it would be BC > WotLK > Cataclysm, and given how I hated WoW in WotLK, Cataclysm suddenly doesn’t look very promising.

    Oh, I watched the video of RSG pwning the devs, and I thought that was AWESOME! 😛

    1. i wasn’t very impressed by the trailer either but i just pre-ordered the game anyway coz i kinda miss playing it 😛 how about you?

  3. Nope, still not playing 😛

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