Halloween 2010: Zouk The Fear Factory

Read this first: Halloween 2010: The Prep Work

The day itself, Bryan was still painting the last bits of the M-16 so Tricia and Eugene came over to hang out and give moral support since Bryan basically did all the painting. We tried on our uniforms but they were so stiff from the painting we had trouble putting them on. since the cloth didn’t fold anymore as it was more like stiff cardboard, I had trouble getting in since the legs of the pants was longer than my legs. After that I had trouble pulling up my pants [Video] past my hips coz we forgot than men didn’t have hips so we should have bought a size bigger to compensate for our asses. We were also fooling around [Video] for quite a bit after realising that the guns are battery operated and made PEW PEW noises with flashing red light at the tip. Very realistic considering I have no idea what a M-16 sounds like.

fa6375ae.jpg picture by burbur

A very happy Tricia with her very green M-16, which broke into 3 pieces by the end of the night. Well done Tricia!

I was trying to throw a grenade. Apparently I wasn’t supposed to look at the grenade while throwing it, but at the direction I’m about to throw it at. Huh.

We had booked a room at Grand Copthorne, next to Zouk where the party’s at. We first pigged out at Zion Hawker Centre before heading back to the hotel room to change [Video]. for those who wish to dress up as army men or green toy soldiers in future, this is the order of dressing: Socks, pants, green make-up, hair, shirt, gloves. hat / helmet, gun. Like last year’s Halloween party, we had a lot of fun in the hotel room [Video] even before we stepped out for the party.

Since we were staying on the executive level, we were greeted by giggles by the duty staff on that floor when we stepped out to the lift lobby. Inside the lift, we were busy saluting one another when the doors opened and characters from the Green Hornet came in. we Hi-5 one another and headed down to the main lobby. Again we were greeted with amazed stares from those in the lobby. We tried to march to Zouk but we weren’t very good at keeping in line.

The queue into Zouk stretched all the way to the bridge at the far end, while the queue to Velvet stretched down the slope into the hotel carpark just before the entrance. We rued the fact that we didn’t go Zouk earlier but we were soon saved when one of the Zouk staff spotted our homemade outfits and ushered us right to the front of the line. we were nominated for best dressed and we had to pose on their stage to take pictures for submission. The pictures were then shown on the Zouk screens inside along with all the other nominees.

The best part about Halloween at Zouk is not just about dressing up, but taking pictures with random strangers for the sheer fun of it.

Fiona & Shrek

We engaged a bunch of Gladiators on the stairs. I don’t know why Tricia is smiling. and their archer defected to our side and started shooting the men in skirts.

Smurfs! Blue paint vs Green!

Met Kickass and Hit Girl along the way. they are so fucking cute la!

I almost got stabbed in the eye with her pokey thing.

This was hilarious. Pedophile priests with blowup dolls / boys.

you see what I mean about strange mix of greens?

We bumped into a bunch of Toy Story Aliens on the dance floor!

The other winners for Best Clones award!

Group Picture in hotel lobby. Night duty manager was more than happy to entertain us with photo taking.

Eugene staying in character right to the end.

It was well worth the effort. in the end we won Best Clones award for the night. First prize went to this lady who came as Queen of Hearts and she looked really good!

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