Introvert went to Mambo Jambo

Listening to: Aztec Camera – Somewhere in my heart

As an introvert, I like to keep to myself a lot. While I enjoy company of people I like (yes, there are people that I don’t necessarily like), I need my alone time because it’s tiring to constantly keep people entertained and give them a reason to still stand next to you and listen to you yak.

The new girl in my team commented that I’m really focused in what I do. I’m not sure if she meant it as a compliment or not, but I confessed that I like to keep my mind on what I’m doing and finish as much of it as I can. I hate getting interrupted but in my current job, I always get interrupted. Questions range from the totally clueless (“if he didn’t get the link, shall I email it to him again?”) to strategic manipulation (“what would you do if this happened?”) to the inane (“is there a professional way of inviting people to join in this?” “uhm how about – would you like to take part in this campaign?”). I’m constantly signing off on documents and checking on other people’s work.

When I first joined this company, I remember Angelia‘s word of advice: SMILE MORE. so I tried smiling but that failed miserably when someone confessed she found me scary fierce, DESPITE ALL THAT SMILING I DID. then my ex-boss constantly tried to get me involved in department activities and such. at every appraisal I passed at everything except socialising. I had to stand out more to get noticed in the company, because if i don’t get noticed, how is she going to promote someone that the other departments’ bosses don’t even know exist?

So I tried. really hard. you must know it is very difficult for an anti-social person who cannot stand human beings generally to act like she enjoys their company. I don’t hate the individuals, just that I have to do the social thing as a whole. Whatever few close friends I have, I keep them close to my heart. The rest I can say I don’t give a flying duck.

But last night, I was the queen of the ball, the butterfly of the room. My boss had this sudden inspiration that the entire sales department had to drink away their mid-week blues at Zouk Winebar. he said it was a thank you for the hard work party but really it was just to drink and get silly. It wasn’t something I’d usually turn up for as I abhor office events that try very hard at being a social thing, but as a friend to my boss, I showed up to support his little party.

It turned out to be really fun! we might have hit the bar a little early at 7pm but with the drinks that kept coming, it didn’t matter that the bar was almost empty except for our group of 20. the drinking got serious when Zouk bosses came out and got us all sng muey shooters (or what they call Sour Plum Infusion. but I’m still gonna ask for sng muey soda if I ever ordered it again). i circled the table so I moved from the oldies (those aged 30 and above) and the young ‘uns (mid 20s and below), something that I rarely do with people I don’t really know outside of the office.

I felt like a mamasan. I spent the entire night keeping an eye out for the girls. whenever one of the young ones disappeared (there are 8 of them), I will look around and asked, “Where’s so and so?” and made sure they re-joined the group safely. Even today back at work, when I found out one of them was crying in a corner coz she got scolded, I sent 2 of the girls out to look for her and made sure she was okay.

It was great watching everyone have fun. I guess it broke the ice for some and I’m relieved the girls welcomed my new coordinator into their arms so I don’t have to worry who she could lunch with everyday (coz I don’t have the energy to make friends with a new person 13 years my junior). It’s also fun to bond with the old ones, monkeying around on the dance floor or shouting out favourite 80s songsat each other  that the 20 year olds don’t get. (“huh? who’s Aztec Camera?”)

Upon reflection, I thought it was a great way to get everyone to know one another, considering half the team is new ever since my boss went on a massive recruitment drive after so many resignations (his fengshui was terrible. I told him to move his desk to the car park).

Things one finds out after shit loads of alcohol:

  • One of the younger ones S was in the same secondary school as I was. when we realised we were both from RED HOUSE, we did the school girl squeal.
  • other girl was disappointed to be excluded coz she was from IJ Ahlian. but we bonded over the fact we both went to CJC!
  • R likes to hug people. she not only hugged me once for helping her out with some project, she hugged me after drinking a lot, and even pecked me on my cheek. I wagged my finger at her and said no tongue! and she squealed like a school girl.
  • with enough encouragement, you can dirty dance with anyone.
  • my colleague confessed that i was the most dateable person in the group. I told him it’s only coz the rest are 15 years too young.
  • after getting his ass home, he texted me to tell me he got home safely. I think he has a mini crush on me.
  • SM could drink like a fish but she couldn’t do maths. when my boss asked her what’s 9 x 7 to test how drunk she was, she said 49. after making fun of her, she insisted she wasn’t drunk. my boss then replied, that means you’re dumb!
  • my colleague was so drunk he announced that I had B cup boobs.

This morning my colleague caught me in the corridor with my hand on my head.

him: what happened? hangover?
me: no?
him: headache?
me: no?
him: bang your head against something?
me: haha no? I didn’t dry my hair properly before I went to bed and now my hair is sticking out a bit *lifts hand to show sticking out hair*
him: -_-


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