I lost my heart in Pai

Listen to this while reading: A Kingdom by Karaocake

I realised rather belatedly that I never finished putting up my Chiang Mai pictures from December 2009. So here are some pictures from my favourite place on earth. I’m putting it up now coz I couldn’t get tickets to Pai this year and i’m really upset by it. So i’m looking at Pai pictures instead.

IMG_3156.jpg picture by burbur

If I’ve never mentioned it before, Pai is my favourite place on earth. I still love New York City and Tokyo but I didn’t find such quiet bliss as I did in Pai. When Bryan suggested visiting Pai, I was a little skeptical about this little town but when I got there, I’m so glad I did. it’s the prettiest little town I’ve ever seen. It’s quiet, colourful and friendly. Except for the occasional european tourist or two that make too much noise at night pounding in between rooms at our hotel (photo above), everything else was perfect.

IMG_3152.jpg IMG_3162.jpg

Pai is a three hour bus ride from Chiang Mai. there is a little stop over hut along the way for bathroom breaks and smokes. I’m actually adverse to bus rides since I get motion sickness really easily but as you can tell from the picture on the left, I was surviving like a little trooper.

Pai had many stray dogs, something I noticed that’s prevalent in Thailand. this one followed us coz I was holding onto a dish of nibbles and his nose (and tummy) called me its best friend.

IMG_3163.jpg IMG_3165.jpg

The northern part of Thailand borders Laos so many of its exports could be found here. I bravely drank from the bottle and ate from the many street stalls. Here I think I’m eating banana pancakes. That whole week, between Bryan and I, we visited the potty close to 30 times. but what’s adventure without a bit of germs?


A stall that sold everything plastic.


This was one of my favourite sights in Pai. The dude on the far right is one of Pai’s illustrious policeman. I don’t know what he does in the day time coz I don’t see him, but at night, he joins this musical duo and they become a trio. I think they were singing Beatles songs. It was very funny.


An old fashioned van converted into a mobile coffee joint. You see why I love this place so much??


This is my favourite place in Pai. Pai Post. I think it’s a post office by day, but at night, this lady with the big hair turns it into a blues bar. funnily, blues is really big in these parts. we were all seated on little stools and wooden chairs facing the entrance of the bar looking in while the band sit inside. there are 2 guitars, a drummer and the lead singer. at the side they served beer and cocktails. she sang a few familiar tunes like Tracy Chapman before handing the mic over to another guy. I hugged myself tight, beer bottle in hand while I enjoyed Pai’s chilly winter while getting warm inside from the soulful sounds of Pai.


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