Learning Japanese

I got this from someone on my livejournal friend’s list. I love reading stories of people living in my two favourite cities, one of them is New York and the other, Tokyo. I picked up Japanese last year because I’ve always wanted to learn it but never got around to it till recently. When I did, I was both thrilled yet not. I love being able to understand it once sensei taught it, but I abhorred having to study for it. As my piano teacher once said accurately, I love learning new things, I just don’t have it in me to practice.

So my JLPT 5 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is coming up in December. I’ve signed up for it but I don’t think I will go for it. I keep finding reasons as to why there isn’t any point to going for certification. I won’t get to use it, even if I were to get certified, I’ll probably forget everything soon since I’m not continuing with Intermediate class. And the best reason of all, it’s best to not be able to speak Japanese while in Japan coz if you get stopped by the authorities, you can speak English and get away with everything. But that’s a story for another day.

But I long to find ways to practice my Japanese. My friend Bibs learnt Japanese by watching hours of videos of her favourite band SMAP. It seems the rage for boy bands in Japan to star in some comedy show or other. They are often found doing funny silly things, like the video clip above (although these 2 are comedians). She quickly learnt how to speak Japanese, despite not being able to read it at all. Once during a karaoke session, she picked a Japanese song to sing to and she sang every word perfectly, all from memory, while I stumbled along trying to read the Hiragana before they disappeared off the screen.

So I tried to find ways to practice Japanese her way but I’m no fan of any boy band so there was no real motivation. But this video is still the funniest thing ever.


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