Retrolicious @ Fort Canning


When I found out they were going to have a retro concert with Johnny Hates Jazz, Debbie Gibson and Rick Astley performing, I was plenty excited as I am a huge fan of Debbie Gibson. I first heard her when I was 11, when my friend’s older sister made me a casette tape of Debbie’s album Electric Youth. I would play the tape on repeat mode for weeks, singing along to all her songs and dancing in my room. At house parties, we would play her music and dance together.

It was a tedious journey to see Debbie Gibson live. First I waited for 21 years for this to happen. Then when we got to the concert venue at Fort Canning, there was a long line of people snaking around the car park just to get it. the line started from the entrance, all the way to the other end of the park where Legends (some wedding venue) was, around the roundabout, back down the road we came up, around another car park reserved for VIPs, and then to the entrance. it took us an hour and half before we got in. there was no explanation for what the hold-up was for, and there were mutterings about security checks, which probably what kept most people calm coz come on, security checks are good for us right? when we got to the entrance, we realised there was NO security checks. the line was probably held up by the fact that there was only ONE line in, which expanded to a grand total of TWO, and the fact that they tried to tag everyone but soon gave up the idea when the concert was supposed to start at 8pm but there were close to 2,000 people still waiting outside. It was a good thing they delayed the start of the concert till they rushed everyone in, else they’d have a mutiny right there and then. BOO TO THE ORGANISERS FOR TERRIBLE PLANNING! TERRIBLE! SHIT PLANNING! all of you should be FIRED!

however kudos to the Class 95 DJs who had to keep the crowd already inside entertained. They were showing clips from the 80s to mark each year. when we got in, we only caught ’87 onwards but it was entertaining enough. I really loved the crowd’s response when familiar scenes from each year was flashed on the screens: from politics (Fall of Berlin Wall, students march on Tian An Men Square) to local (Michael Chang won French Open) to movies (Dirty Dancing, Cocktail) and not forgetting music (New Kids on the Block, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Kylie and Jason Donovan, Janet Jackson). It was a really exhilarating moment to sing along to the clips of 80s music with the rest of the crowd.

When Debbie Gibson came on stage, all the girls were screaming with excitement. It’s amazing to see so many girls who probably grew up with her like I did. She sang “Shake Your Love”,  “Electric Youth”, “Out of the Blue” and of course “Lost in your Eyes”. when she started the song, everyone sang along. she was so overwhelmed that she re-started the song, this time letting the audience sing the first 4 lines while she almost teared up from it. I loved every minute of it! Although I don’t know why she came back out to sing  ABBA’s Dancing Queen when she could have done better by singing “We Could Be Together”, which I more than made up for it by singing it in the car later on at the top of my lungs (sorry folks who had to endure it.).

Johnny Hates Jazz was okay although I don’t know why would anyone perform new material at a “RETRO” concert. we didn’t even bother staying to be rick-rolled by Rick Astley, but at least he did perform Together Forever before we left the place. I don’t know why people  go nuts over the fact that he’s still hot at 44. he’s ONLY 44, not 87. come on girls, get a grip. there are a lot of hot men in their 40s out there. going ga ga over Rick Astley is so yesterday.

This would have been a 10/10 experience if not for the terrible event planning, the humidity (but that I could live with since outdoor concerts are like that), Johnny singing new songs and that Debbie didn’t sing my favourite song 😦

of course not forgetting the Idiot Report. While waiting in line, this idiot behind me exclaimed his amazement that he asked people at work born in the 80s if they knew who Rick Astley and Debbie Gibson to which they all said no. OF COURSE NOT LAH! 80s means we GREW UP in the 80s, not BORN in the 80s. even if one were born in ’81, the chances of them remembering any music while they were 6 years old is close to impossible. seriously, people should think before they open their mouths. I almost turned around to snap at him.



  1. marajaded · · Reply

    hey hey!!! i know who debbie gibson and rick astley and johnny hates jazz is okay!! and i was born in the 80s!! some of us grew up with 80s music!!

    1. you’re a rare find!

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