My constant battle with Gravity and getting caught in things

There are two things in Life that really pisses me off.

One: Gravity.

There’s a love hate relationship going on between me and Gravity. I mean I appreciate how it keeps things on the ground so drinking tea in the mornings wouldn’t be too much of a problem and my hair wouldn’t be floating around my face in a Medusa manner. But it acts like a evil fiend whose sole purpose is to sneak around mischievously and play little pranks on me. Like tripping me when I’m not looking, causing me to stumble and pause, before pretending that it wasn’t me who tripped myself. It often likes to push me when I least expect it, no matter how careful I keep an eye out for it. I have the battle scars to prove it.

Worse, it is like a leprechaun who likes to grab things out of my hand and sneakily tossing them onto the floor when I am not looking, like the bottle cap of my contact lens solution that invariably fly out of my hand often enough for me to notice. Or the night cream bottle cap that flew out of my hand just now. It often likes to pick on me when I’m holding onto the little stuff like a small coin or the single button or a loose paper clip, tossing it nilly willy. And if that wasn’t bad enough, it sometimes make the little objects bounce a few times against the hard floor before rolling under the bed, table or some dusty unreachable nether regions. Some times I picture Gravity snickering evilly while on its knees giving the coin an extra shove as it rolled even further under the cupboard. I’d be on my knees peering into the dusty darkness wondering whether it is worth reaching in to get it out, all the while Gravity is kneeling by my side taunting me.

Two: Getting caught in things

Gravity’s distant cousin from out of town likes to grabs things and twirl them around other things. An errant strand of hair caught in the hinges of my spectacles. A single earphone mixed up with my keychain in the pocket of my bag. Empty hangers laying forgotten in a cupboard until I reach in to grab one and it grabs the other and another, till a avalanche of hangers come crushing down on my head. Reaching into my bag for my wallet to find its buckles had caught against the edge of my pouch. Trying to pull out my iPhone to find the wires of the earphones tangled around my bag straps twice.

If i didn’t pay enough attention, he would hook things upon things and soon, I’d have a chain of things hooked around one another to form an infinity chain, a linked domino that with one unfortunate yank, would cause a chain reaction and cause everything to fall down, no thanks to Gravity. So with the two together in the same room, panic and chaos happen. Like a pack of cards, one leans in and the other cause things to come crashing down. The Chaos Theory? He was the one who let the butterfly out of the freaking tank.

Getting caught in things and Gravity, you don’t want to come across this pair if you can help it.


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