Oktoberfest 2010 @ Paulaner Brauhaus

dc26d756.jpg picture by burbur

We decided to celebrate Oktoberfest at Paulaner Brauhaus over the weekend. for $45+++ you get a shit load of sausages, roasted pork knuckles and beef, and not forgetting the free flow of beer. for the softies, you get free flow coke or ice lemon tea. the place wasn’t decked out anything special as their Oktoberfest party didn’t begin till 2 days after the weekend we were there, but according to sources, Oktoberfest is properly celebrated from the last weeks of September into October. I guess only in Singapore do we postpone a festival because of F1.


The Germans are apparently crazy mad about sausages, they even throw sausages into their cream soup, which was rather tasty but I thought it was a little much. of course after watching this video on how to make hot dogs post-Oktoberfest, I don’t think I can look at sausages the same way again.


The salad bar. some call them starters, others call them mains.

3d35401f.jpg picture by burbur

in my excitement to consume lots of food, I forgot to take picture of the most critical parts of the meal; the beer and the meat, which is kinda the purpose of this brunch feast. So I present to you instead the people eating at the table. Some might consider them “meat” too.

This reminds me of an episode on How I Met Your Mother called “Rebound Bro” where Barney Stinson had a new wingman Randy who is highly incompetent in picking up women, having not had sex for 13 years. in one scene Barney tries to get him to speak to a girl at the bar by pointing out her cute koala bear brooch, he told the girl Randy was a koala bear expert from Australia. when the excited girl asked him to say something interesting about koalas, Randy stuttered and said, “their meat.. is.. really tasty?”

500435e7.jpg picture by burbur

My best pals!

5135cfac.jpg picture by burbur

the sausages weren’t enough for some I guess.


we decided to end the day with a few rounds of Guitar Hero, which made some really happy. I think the most intense song of the day was Muse’s Assassin. the drumsticks almost flew out of my hand and it was on EASY mode.


I don’t know how some people slept through the racket. I guess that’s why 3 beers do to some.

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