Early Learning Centre Medieval Toys

I was accompanying my boss at a specialty toy shop while he tries to figure out what educational toys to buy for his 2 year old. While I surveyed the shop for something that would eventually mould his young mind, I got distracted by this.

It’s the Tower of Doom by Early Learning Centre. This was the coolest thing I found in the shop.

on the shelf above it, was the Warrior Troll. I picked it up and went ARRR RAARRA WARRR.


My boss wandered over to see what I was doing. I picked these Bad Guys up and started RAWRR ARR ARRR at him.

Then I picked up the Red Knights and they RARR ARRR RAARR back at the Bad Guys. My boss looked at me like I was crazy. He wandered off in case the craziness was contagious.

If I ever had kids, please buy them these toys. Boy or girl, they should have as much fun as their mommy had at the toy shop today.

For the love of kittens and all things pure and good, don’t buy this for my kids or I’ll disown you as a friend. Or mail beheaded Barbie dolls to your kids so they’ll get nightmares.


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