Food for Thought

We decided to check out Food For Thought after hearing so much about it. The location of the north bridge branch was so unremarkable that I realized I walked past it many times without noticing it. It’s tiny, sits no more than 20 and is what some people would call quaint. Simple white wooden furniture with knick knacks around the place. I didn’t pay it much attention coz after placing my order at the counter, I wanted to get out of the place asap (we were seated outside, thankfully). The place had little ventilation despite the ceiling fans and air-conditioning. It had the “open kitchen” concept from the 90s, which meant that the entire cafe was filled with cooking smells. Which is great when you’re cooking, but not over a prolonged period where you’re trying to eat and the smell stays trapped in that tiny place.

The food was surprisingly good. Bryan ordered the pesto chicken pasta with cream added (as recommended). The cream was delicious and not too rich.

Eve ordered the beef striploin pasta, another tasty selection.

The mushroom soup wasn’t much to shout about. The consistency was a little weak and it was a bit tasteless. But it dis have the texture of grind mushrooms.

I had the baby back ribs with five spice and hoisin sauce. Surprisingly yummy, an interesting alternative to the usual honey marinade. This was a mix of east and west, you could taste the sweetness of the western style baby back ribs, and the saltiness from Chinese style pork belly.

As always we over ordered when we got this roast duck pizza. But again I was surprised by how yummy it was. The sauce was of the sweet dark variety, and the duck was tender and not dry at all. The pizza dough was thin and chewy. Would have eaten more of it it I weren’t so full.

We also had a lychee sage freeze and a watermelon mint freeze. Both very good, a mix of refreshing fruits and a dash of herbs.

We’d come back again only if we got to sit outside.

Cat. We didn’t eat it but she kept maoing at us for wings. Very cute.

We walked to Cuscaden at Chijmes for beer even though we were too full to drink anymore. There was an acoustic duo doing 90.5 hits and F1 was showing on the screens. Very chill.



  1. Next time try the FFT at 8 Queen St, facing the SAM. Bigger, airier, different menu!

    1. I’ll definitely check that out next time. I hope they don’t have the same “open kitchen” concept. I really hate smelling of food.

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