Teambuilding YEAH!

Frankly I really hate team building exercises. I know you’re supposed to enjoy a day away from work, get to know your colleagues better and all that crap. But my personality is such that I would very much rather be at work because I get to finish stuff before I get home. That and after the last team building session I had a year ago, it made me really really hate team building.

A year ago, they decided to hold team building at a location filled with slopes. The goal was to follow the 5 locations marked on our GPS devices, find those damn spots and get the clues indicated. That meant we had to run up and down hills in the hot sun. I hate running. I haven’t run in years. and I have neither the stamina nor the mood to run. what’s worse was some spots were found in tunnels, so even with the GPS blinking at the exact spot we were standing on, the clue could have been hidden anywhere within the tunnel, or on top of the goddamn tunnel. which meant running back the way we came from, backtracking upslope to the top of the tunnel, right above the spot we were standing. NOT FUNNY!

By the end of that fiasco, I was ready to kill somebody. because I’m not about to be The Person who let the team down because she couldn’t run, I forced myself to chase after my team members whenever they dashed off somewhere else. the look on my face was PURE MURDER, considering that the videographer was filming the other 4 teammates who ran upslope, but when it came to me, he took one look at my face and quickly lowered the camera. The whole thing ended with me going FUCK THIS SHIT! which apparently made me infamous in the entire division. Even the facilitators of the programme  remembered me as the angry girl.

So when they decided to run team building again, I really dreaded it. When my boss was trying to find out from my colleague what sort of activities we were doing, they both looked at my face and promised me it wouldn’t be as strenuous as the last time. I suggested a game of laser tag or paintball to which my boss reminded me that that involved a lot of running too, which I obviously hate. but I reminded him that in the military, they do have snipers and I don’t have a problem lying on my belly and shooting people in the head. For some strange reason, my suggestion was overruled. bah.

today’s session started out normal enough. the facilitator tried to get us all excited and all and I tried my best to smile and look involved, which took a lot from me. then we started with ice breakers where we played stupid games and the boys started fooling around. there was this game where we had to use a part of a body that was announced, and place it on a colour in the room. from the normal white to black to brown, it got really rowdy at the end when the facilitator shouted ORANGE! and only 2 boys in the room wore orange. 1 pretended to scream when everyone placed their pinkie onto his t-shirt, while the other literally ran to the other end of the room while 35 people ran towards his orange cap.

it was a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, where I was luckily allowed to do the indoor ones. like solve 6 puzzles. i love puzzles. the sort where they go if Billy had the same number of brothers as he had sisters, but his sister had twice the number of brothers as she had sisters, how many boys and girls are there in the family? I told them not to give me anything that required balance because I had none at all. Thank god they listened to me. I can’t even walk properly without tripping over my own feet (happened once).

the finale was a team effort to make a rollercoaster made out of straws, balloon sticks and rubber bands. as we completed the other smaller tasks like 6 quizzes, they gave us more material to complete the rollercoaster, such as scotch tape and newspaper. we had a lot of fun trying to make the rollercoaster according to the requirements (it needed a large downward slope, a trough and a small hill). when we went beyond the time limit, they upped the ante by asking us to combine 3 teams’ rollercoasters together to make an epic rollercoaster.

immediately people came up with several options. one was to make the rollercoasters on 3 levels: table, chair and floor, and let gravity do the trick. what my team did was a domino effect. the first ball rolled, hit the second ball, rolled and hit the third ball. and viola! we had mega rollercoaster!

I also love my iPhone 4 coz now I can finally take videos.

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