What I spent all afternoon doing: Plants vs Zombies


sometimes I wonder if I should rename my blog as Girl with an Obsession. I discovered, rather belatedly, this iphone game called Plants vs Zombies. it’s been on the top 50 apps list for some time but I’ve never tried it as I was rather tired by the spate of zombie infestation that has entered our society recently; from zombie games to zombie movies (although I must admit I rather like Zombieland, and it isn’t just because Bill Murray is in it. Yes I am going to buy the DVD to add to my Bill Murray collection), zombies are the latest in thing, because vampires are too fangirlish.


Plants vs zombies is a rather simple game of using each plant’s unique ability to fend off waves of zombies that go “BRAAAAINS”. it’s like any other strategy game, you build up your wall of sunflowers that give energy that will allow you to create more defensive or offensive plants, a strategy much like that in Starcraft. As I was playing this game, it got me thinking about the game’s simple mechanics that sucks its players so. I once read an article on how to make a good iphone game (or any other simple game) and one of it is the need for minor rewards along the game. this probably motivates the player to go on playing, until he reaches the point where he’s playing the game not just for rewards but he cannot stop thinking how best to outwit them zombies.


Bryan, having switched to a Samsung Galaxy phone, was watching me play this game. When I wouldn’t let him take over my iphone, he dug out his iBrick, downloaded the game and started playing it himself. so there we were, the picture of couplehood bliss, lying in bed on a Saturday afternoon playing a game that goes BRAAAAAINNS every so often. it looked like it was going to be a stay-in Saturday when our friend Aaron called us out for dinner. When we popped by Overeasy for a birthday party, while everyone was busy being sociable, I was busy lopping peas and corn at the neverending tide of Zombies.


The creators of this game really fine tuned this game to an art. you make repetitive moves for a few rounds before they turn things around and introduce a new map. so we went from fronyard to backyard with pool to night scene. Now i’m struggling through the roof scene where instead of shooting peas, I’m lobbing cabbages at zombies. yesterday while having a late night supper at Al-Ameen, I whipped out my phone and continued playing plants vs zombies. Kelvin, a newly made acquaintance, leaned over and started giving me tips on how to beat the zombies, which totally made things easier. I love how simple games like these can actually be a common topic for 2 almost strangers. I also love how some games have become pop culture topics, such as Angry Birds, that even though I barely touched that game, I understood enough of the gameplay to understand this joke about it.


GAH!! you got that right!

6247390c.jpg picture by burbur

I took this shot coz I love how the zombies on the top right corner were made to mimic that movie Cool Runnings about the African team sent to take part in bobsledding in the Olympics.


I’ve always wondered, why do zombies eat brains? because of their lack thereof? so what happens after they eat brains? do they become unzombified?



  1. OMG!!! I was so obsessed with this game I wouldn’t let go of CS’s iphone (i don’t have one), haha….. it is VERY addictive, we were wondering if we should download it onto our ipad, haha….

    1. HAHA! i was so disappointed when I finished the game. I tried playing angry birds but it wasn’t the same (i don’t understand the lure of angry birds either. i much prefer ragdoll blaster – same concept, just using a cannon to hoot!)

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