Lego Star Wars: 6212 X-Wing Fighter

IMG_1401.jpg picture by burbur

6212 X-Wing Fighter
Released: 2006
Purchased at Serene Centre


Laid out all 437 pieces on the bed. I realised why people lay it out on the bed. it’s easier that way. of course i got a backache when I was done.
this also meant that I couldn’t sleep until I was done. Damn.


The very first two pieces put together. It’s been AGES since I last played with Lego. I grew up playing it and i’m sure it did good things to my brain, like visualisation and structure and organisation. Also more importantly, learning how to follow instructions.


WWMD: What Would Madonna Do
(sorry I couldn’t resist)


it was like working at a factory. I read the instructions off the manual, where it states for each section, the number of pieces per parts. i pick up the pieces off the rows off my bed, swivel around the my desk and start putting them together. bit by bit the fighter came together.

i was watching V (80s tv show) while fixing this Lego (80s toy) Star Wars (80s movie). i’m an 80s kid!

IMG_1423.jpg picture by burbur

Fitting the wings to the body.


This is the first time I see materials outside of a regular Lego block being used.

Leia: Han! what happened to the condoms!

Han: uhhhh…


the front part of the fighter.


Fitting the body to the wings.


This is like an episode of Dexter.

IMG_1437.jpg picture by burbur

6 minifigs for this set!


Luke: R2! I can’t close the cockpit cover!

R2D2: Beep beep doot doo beep BEEP!

Luke: Oh. right. i’ll turn off my lightsabre then.


Leia: Han! I’m Flying! I’m Flying!!


Han: Don’t look then, you hairy moron!


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