Sunday Day Out: Wedding bells & Fried Rice Paradise

1851793c.jpg picture by burbur

Bright and early, went for a wedding at Fort Canning today. it was outdoors, it was hot and it was sweaty. i turned up on time for the wedding but i couldn’t find it. i found the marquee but it was empty except for 20 tables of nobody. so we stood around wondering if the solemnization was at Registry of Marriage instead, which was quite a walk away. while deciding whether to go off for coffee or something first, I heard faint applause and whistling. so we walked down a flight of half constructed stairs to find that the solemnization party was going on one floor down. so much for posting signages around the area. there were also 2 other weddings going on so we almost entered the wrong reception, not that it mattered since one could join a wedding unnoticed and drink all their beer. the service was a tad slow where the waiters were unprepared with the crowd streaming in for iced drinks after standing in the hot sun. also took them awhile to turn on the fans. the food wasn’t fantastic either, i felt like i paid $80 for chai fan. but the bride was lovely and everyone was happy although the photographer was this annoying man with uncombed hair, so who cares about everything else!

it also took us awhile to get ourselves seated coz when i went to look for my table, it was occupied by a bunch of old people. i looked at the wedding list and wondered out loud if the Charlene and the Ben on the list are one of those old people there. turned out the old folks just sat at the nearest table and drank all the water before shuffling off to the correct table.

check out my crazy woman hair in the picture. decided to curl my hair this morning with curling tongs and burnt 2 fingers while at it. came out with a slightly less than desired effect but what the hell. after whining about it on twitter, realised i had bought a set of heated curlers from Tokyo which i’ve yet to use coz i completely forgot about it. goddamn it!


my ex accompanied me to the wedding so in return i accompanied him to watch Fried Rice Paradise, which he was dying to watch since he heard rave reviews from friends. overall, it was a surprisingly good performance. everything was snappy and polished. the colourful characters came through the singing and acting without being too overboard. my favourite character had to be the scheming old man Rickson Goh who’s like a jikopeh version of Phua Chu Kang, what with the Hokkien embellishments and swaggering. his first solo was punctured by controlled responses by the male dancers/back-ups and it was a joy to watch that performance (it’s almost like Chicago’s Jailhouse Tango). but there were some parts where it got a bit draggy and i dozed off a bit. what was interesting though was since it was the last performance of the run, we had distinguished guests in the audience, namely SM Goh, Mr Mah and 2 other ministers, which explained the motorcade that drove right up to the entrance of the Esplanade Theatre.

The other interesting bit was the couple sitting on my right. they were probably in their early 20s, judging by the girl’s comments on everything she had to say about the world that surrounded her. that and her boyfriend’s insecurity, for after EVERY song he turned towards her, placed his arms around her waist and hugged her tightly or planted an affectionate kiss on her cheek. she was unresponsive to all of that, seated like a rock that she was during his performance. if he could crawl into her lap and burrow his face into her bosoms, i’m sure he would.

at the end of it all, they gave everyone 2 packets of Prima Taste Fried Rice mix.


Waraku @ Marina Square – not worth it.

after Fried Rice (goddamn song is stuck in my head), we popped by Marina for dinner at Waraku, another one of those fake Japanese chains that serve mediocre food. Service was non-existent;  the waiter showed us to our table and disappeared. He didn’t even pretend to give us our menus, which there was only one per table even if it were a 4-seater. I ordered a Chirashi Don (i cannot resist vinegar rice) and was hugely disappointed. For about $14, it came in a bowl of rice with 1 thin slice of tuna, 1 thin slice of salmon, 1 prawn, 1 thin cuttlefish and 20 salmon roe. that’s it. i’ve never seen a Chirashi so sad before. along with the set was a bowl of piping hot udon. i guess they figured they could get away with charging a double digit figure for a meal if they give you a lot of carbs. my ex ordered a Beef Sukiyaki with 6 thin slices of beef. i think if you want to go on a diet to get THIN, Waraku is the place to go. i don’t know why i keep paying such money to eat vinegar rice. time to visit the supermarket tomorrow i guess. Also glanced through the food reviews on on this place, i cannot believe some people gave it an 8. one stupid reviewer even said “The drinks reminded me of my days in Japan- Calpis, Hakkaisan sake, umeshu…” OH COME ON. that is like saying drinking milk reminds him of his days when he’s suckling on his mother’s breasts. i think people with poor taste in food should be BANNED from reviewing food.

Just heard on the news: While at the exposition, Mr Lee also launched a food promotion campaign – “Tasty Singapore” – to introduce the island’s rich food offerings to local Chinese retailers and supermarkets. I hope Waraku is not one of them.


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