Day at the Gun Club

Gunclub110910.jpg picture by burbur

it’s been AGES since we went shooting, Down the line (clay pigeon) shooting to be exact so we headed down to the Singapore Gun Club at Old Chua Chu Kang Road. strangely enough, we had to ride by several cemeteries and crematoriums before we got to the shooting range. when we last shot, it was located at a more accessible Bukit Timah Road but i guess they closed that down.

I practically forgot all the positions to hold so I was making all sorts of mistakes, like resting the barrel of the gun on the floor when it shouldn’t even touch, not leaning forward enough. my aiming was all over the place. my gun kept drifting to the left and i kept missing. it was really a BAH HUM BUG! moment.

Check out the fashion disaster that I am. brown tee shirt with shiny grey pants, pink ankle socks and shiny brown shoes. Eve strangely chose fashion over comfort and came to the gun club in jeans. but nothing beat Tiny’s checkered pants man.


That’s Mr Tang standing behind us in beige, the same guy who instructed us back at the old club. we didn’t think he recognise us until he pointed at Eve and said, i remember you. you can shoot pretty well. he was truly patient with us in an old uncle way. because we were wearing ear muffs to protect our ears from the loud blast, we couldn’t hear him when he was telling us what our mistakes were. one of us will go HUH? I CAN’T HEAR! and he will shout out his answers. then he turned to his friend and said in hokkien, “at the rate these girls are making me shout, i need to go back and drink something cooling.”

Gunclub3110910.jpg picture by burbur

Mr Tang’s friend YY is also really into shooting. he was kaypoing and instructing us too. he said i had good mount form (posing with gun in the right manner as if i knew what i was doing). butt of gun into armpit fat, cheek pressed into that wooden part, eye on front sight and PULL!!!!! BANG! orange clay bits go flying.

after that we went to catch Resident Evil in 3D. worst movie ever. the plot was so thin, zombies could go crashing through it. i spent the first part of the movie wondering whether it’s a Matrix like movie, since i never watched the first 2 installments of the Resident Evil franchise, i didn’t know what was going on. and then i spent the other parts of the movie wondering if there’s any purpose to the whole thing. i think they tried too hard to make her feel desolate that she might be the only person left in the post apocalyptic world but Milla Jovovich is no Will Smith. one word of advice though; if the movie has zombies jumping out at you, don’t watch it in 3D okay?



  1. I want to shoot M16 again…!

    1. sign on be regular loh 😛

  2. hey i go by the cemeteries to get to work everyday! never knew i could shoot people there too!

    1. now you do! it’s really far in though so helps if you have transport!

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