Emmanuel’s 1st Birthday

Woke up bright and early (11am) today for Emmanuel’s 1st birthday party at Hotel Re. Was really late coz apparently the alarm clock rang, Bryan tries to wake me up but all I said was mmm. He assumed that meant, “I’m sleeping don’t wake me up yet lemme sleep another hour.” I think his idea of waking me up was a nudge that I barely felt. Well the whole issue was debatable.

Emmanuel’s very pretty cake! It was a layer of chocolate and a layer of strawberry.

Emmanuel belongs to Anna my colleague. Both of us joined the same day and we’re still around! Anna’s a very nice person and although I’ve never been in the same team as her, she’s been kind and patient with giving advice.

Ever tried taking a photo with a bunch of children?
The girl next to me glanced at me and said, “are we supposed to be in this photo? Everyone has a kid except us.”

Penguin was trying to eat but her baby girl was in the way so she turned to me and asked if I could carry the kid. Before I could even glare at her, she burst out laughing and confessed she was kidding. Hardy har. While she strapped on her Baby Bjorn, another colleague noticed me staring at the gig in amazement, and thinking that I wanted it, said she’ll buy me one if I ever had a kid. Actually I was thinking it looked like stormtrooper gear

We were playing with my new iPhone 4’s camera. This is what happens when a tall person & a short person date each other. Time to buy a bigger camera?

After that we went to Jubilee Hall to catch Chestnuts. It was a tad bit disappointing coz they spent too much time spoofing glee until it’s not funny. My favourite skit was a spoof of ip man and it’s play on English subtitles directly translated from the mandarin dialogue. Side splitting laughter coz I can relate to that. But other than that, I don’t think I’ll be watching chestnuts this Christmas.



  1. That cake looks like what my friend got for her son’s birthday!!

    1. cute right?? looks so pretty! it also helps that the new iphone 4 camera produces better quality photos as compared to the old 3g

  2. I AM NOT IN THAT PICTURE!!! ouh, cuz Maiya was cranky and she wants milk!
    That’s exactly what I call Maiya’s Baby Bjorn – storm trooper! i knew only you would understand. Even Yusri took a while to register what or who stormtrooper is! O.o

    1. that’s why we’re penguins! and yusri is a monkey!

  3. Oooooh Chestnuts….one of the things I miss about Singapore 😦
    And that’s terribly early for a Chestnuts performance, isn’t it?

    P/S for Bryan: Tall people must learn to bend down…

    1. ya i didn’t even realise they were having a performance until my colleague mentioned it. funnily they are having another run in December. if you’re back, do catch it!

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