Single Girl Cooking: Late Night Myojo Mee Supper

Inspired by Ben’s post on poisoning his family with his cooking, I decided to feature my culinary skills here too. Having only had one meal today, which was steak dinner at Phin’s, I decided that 2am was a fine time to be having instant noodles, namely Myojo’s Char Mee. This was a dish introduced by my dear homie Linda when she waxed lyrical about it. Other friends living in the US also professed their love for this simple yet delicious dish over other brands such as Maggi Mee or Chiu Qian Yi Ding (which I’ve never had before I went to Tricia’s house last year and shamefully asked for a pack, like I cannot afford my own packet of instant noodles).

The other day, while sitting in front of the computer playing Starcraft 2, the smell of someone cooking instant noodles wafted into the room. For those of you who live alone or don’t have a regularly stocked up fridge (that’s me) and often depend on quick saves by instant noodles will agree with me the smell of instant noodles unraveling in hot water is very distinct. It has an almost chemical smell to it and smelling it yesterday just turned on some neurons in my brain and I started craving for a bowl even though I wasn’t really hungry. Perhaps like Macdonalds which made the smell of its french fries to a science, instant noodles companies have managed to do the same. If ever sales of noodles are down, all they had to do were to cycle around residential areas in the middle of the night and spray the smell of cooking noodles into the air where room lights were still lit and viola!

Here I shall demonstrate how to cook Myojo Ramen Char Mee

91b7a0bb.jpg picture by burbur 8a71287a.jpg

You need utensils. Typically a pot to boil water in and chopsticks and a scooper thingy. If you’re non-asian, a fork will do nicely in place of chopsticks.

50016514.jpg 0666f5d4.jpg

Ingredients: One packet of Myojo Ramen CHAR MEE. and one egg. that’s all you need. anything more and it’s overkill. My mom always tries to get me to throw in more stuff, such as chicken slices, cabbage, tomatoes and so on. My dad went so far as to throw in canned abalone before, although I must admit it was really delicious. However, it’s not instant noodles if it ain’t instant. throwing everything you can find in the fridge doesn’t make it a single person lonely meal.

a2620b60.jpg cf02c803-1.jpg picture by burbur

This is what boiling water looks like. If you still aren’t sure despite closely comparing this photo to your pot of water, you may try dipping your finger in. If said finger hurts, then serve you right for being stupid enough to do what I said. Once it’s boiling, throw packet of noodles in, without throwing the packet sauces in. I did that once, by mistake. Damn you gravity.

c25d322c.jpg 9c10a49a.jpg

When noodles are almost cooked (soft and limpy), proceed to crack an egg in. I’d have taken a picture of cracking an egg but the steam rising from the pot was kinda burning my hand so I didn’t have time to wait and take a picture. after stirring noodles for another minute or so, scoop them up and toss the premix sauces in. and voila! Myojo Char Mee!



  1. you’re too funny.

    if i weren’t allergic to instant noodles, i’d be all over that. lol.

    1. :O how can you be allergic to instant noodles??? it’s the modern asian staple!!

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