Scrapbooking: I love Pai

I Love Pai

Created: 22 August 2010

Our first trip together to Pai, Chiangmai in 2009. a 3 hour vomit inducing bus ride later, we reached the place and i loved it. it’s my favourite place on earth.

P1030897.jpg picture by burbur

Decided to play around with the theme of blue and brown/gold. i took a piece of paisley covered paper and painfully cut out each of the paisley patterns you see here.

the words CHIANGMAI are made of gold and brown glitter, while PAI were foam baby blue. the LOVE word had mounting tape under it.



this picture was taken outside post bar probably, sipping on a bottle of beer.

f774e9d4-1.jpg picture by burbur

This was at a little hut along the hill which had 2 cats. we spent the afternoon in hammocks listening to someone play the guitar as we lazed the day away. i think of the place and the longing to go back begins.

f774e9d4-1.jpg picture by burbur

We traveled the whole of Chiangmai and Pai on a scooter called a Fino. at one point, the hill was so steep we actually stalled, because Bryan was too heavy. it’s a holiday i wouldn’t normally go on but I’m glad i did.



  1. Oh my goodness Bur is such a gur!

    1. i’ve always been a girl!!!
      did i tell you i like to bake??

      1. nope never. u never cease to amaze me.

        but that just goes to show one mustn’t stereotype too quickly. not everyone wears their heart on their sleeves all the time and people are multi-faceted huh?

      2. my colleagues are slowly realising the elaine they know at work is very different from the elaine with her friends. i don’t know why i carry so many personae though…

    1. i don’t get it hahaha what cake?

      1. Hahhaha, that post was a comparison between cake and pie (pai)…

        I assumed they were pronounced the same way…

        And the next comment was meant to offset the first one’s comment!

        OMG, I leave lame jokes in comments that no-one gets! 😦

      2. hahaha yes it is pronounced the same way but maybe it’s just that i’m slow 🙂

  2. Oh wait………………………….


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