Two Maos

4dedda56.jpg 4cce14fc.jpg picture by burbur

I’ve decided to call the boys Earl Grey (left) and Duke Fido (right).

they have their favourite perches around the house. Fido likes to sit under the dining table with one leg in the air, while Grey likes to sit on top of the back of the couch, hidden behind the flapping curtain. that was until Bryan decided to throw out the old couch and replace it with a sofabed. he locked both cats in the kitchen while he did a massive move of the furniture, mopped the floors and opened the windows to air the room. the cats were let out and they immediately ran to their spots. the dining table was still there but the couch wasn’t anymore. according to Bryan, Grey almost slipped on the wet floor and skidded to a stop when he realised his couch was missing. he looked at the empty spot with grand confusion before looking back at Bryan with this WTF?! expression.

but cats adapt really quickly. now Fido likes his perch on top of a stack of boxes while Grey has discovered the little space under the sofa bed. we didn’t know that was his new hiding spot until we tried to find him. we could see Fido gazing at us from his perch not telling us anything when I asked him if he knew where Grey was, but Grey was nowhere to be found. we had to use a packet of wet cat food to lure Grey out and zoop! he came running out from under the sofa bed. it’s always good to know where the cats are, you don’t want one of them suddenly swiping their claws at your innocent ankles.

4cce14fc.jpg picture by burbur

when the sofa bed was first set up, Grey was looking down from one of the shelves while Fido kaypoed around the sofa bed. Grey likes to pretend nothing frazzles him but I bet he was itching with curiosity.


sniff sniff.


testing if it could hold his weight.

i came out from the kitchen to grab a roll of toilet paper and despite Bryan’s earlier warning of the wet floors, i managed to slip, did a couple of dry arm swimming motions before catching my balance with one leg stretched out behind me and the other pressed against a table that caught me in time. Fido had been standing near that spot and when i did that funny arm swimming thing, he freaked and dashed quickly away before stopping to look at me wide-eyed. Grey was in the kitchen and caught me in action so he was looking back at me a little wide eyed too. the both of them had the OMGWTFFFFF WHAT IS THIS HUMAN DOING!??!?? expression and imagining what was going on in their minds cracked me up so badly i couldn’t stop laughing to myself. that probably worried them a little more.



  1. oh the two maos are cute!! how old are they? and what are their actual names? did bryan get them together and that’s why they get along?

    1. the one on the left is Grey (although everyone refers to him as Satan Cat coz of his personality) and the black/white one is Fido (like his name, he’s really more of a dog than a cat, goes round begging for affection).
      they are both rescues (really pick up from dustbin kinda children) so their ages are more of an estimate. Grey is close to 10, his breath stinks and he sounds like a lao beng who’s been smoking Marlboro Reds for 10 years so his MAOOO comes out like a scratchy gasp than anything else. he hates people but he loves Bryan to death.

      Fido loves me to death coz he’s super manja and i’d talk to him and stop to pat him everytime i see him. he’s kinda ignored by Bryan coz Bryan’s more soft-hearted with Grey. so i overcompensate with Fido.
      OH MY GOD! that’s how it is with my parents and my brother and i!

      Grey and Fido don’t always get along. Fido always kaypo kia and Grey always bats Fido away with his claws coz he’s a grouchy fuck.

  2. Lol fido sounds like my cat. Kit cat meows at the door when he hears us coming back and he follows me everywhere, if I’m in the study he’ll wake up from wherever he’s sleeping to be with me, think he has separation anxiety he needs to know where we are all the time. I like the way u describe grey’s meow, haha Lao beg who smoke for 10 years

    1. i’d record it except that he sounds as if he lost his voice.

  3. germaine · · Reply

    it’s always good to know where the cats are

    We do a headcount every night before we turn in. It’s more like a ‘hunt the kitteh’ session because they have so many hideyholes. Most importantly I make sure neither cat is in the bedroom when we shut the door. I’ll never forget the morning I woke at 5 am to the sound of Bob yelling his stupid orange head off just beside my ear.

    1. lol we always check for Grey coz he runs out whenever he can. Fido doesn’t dare. he will creep towards the front door but doesn’t dare step out. i think if i tried to shove him out of the door, he will run back to the house for safety.
      Grey? he loves to sneak out but is too stupid to survive. one time he ran out, we didn’t realise till next day and bryan had to go hunt for the fella. we found him shivering on the ledge. i actually realised it when i didn’t see any mess in the toilet coz Grey has no potty manners. to think that i detest the cat but i get worried when he’s not around pfft.

      1. oh kit cat runs out of the flat occasionally but then he will either run to the neighbour’s house and scratch their door mat or he will just sit stupidly staring at the stairs but not moving, lol

      2. lol one time Grey managed to escape and the neighbours found him. so he picked Grey up and tried to stuff him back through the window grill (Grey used to sit there and people watch). i found it highly remarkable that the neighbour didn’t get attacked by Grey’s claws or his Breath of Death.

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