Bryan’s 30th Birthday

33534_10150236771310191_691290190_14237255_860971_n.jpg picture by burbur

bryan’s birthday cake, by the talented Mong ( i requested for a zombie cake due to Bryan’s love of the game Left4Dead which he keeps making me play with him. I sent some online ideas to Mong. she called me one day to ask if Bryan was superstitious coz she made a tombstone (out of cookie) for his cake. the green hand and logo comes from the game. the worms were Mong’s daughter’s idea.


We celebrated his birthday at Timbre (Substation) where 53A were performing. we requested for a birthday song in which the cake was supposed to come out then. however, the band played Cranberries’ Zombie right after so it was really apt!

The 3 candles really look like joss sticks.

It took me 2 hours to get his cake. First I had to take the afternoon off else i’d have no time to do it before dinner. there was the epic journey on bus from town to Mong’s place at Bukit Timah, and then another epic journey back in cab due to the evening peak hour jam. Aaron was supposed to be at Timbre on time to get our table (else they’ll release it) but that clown is never on time. thank goodness Joe & Adele turned up early.


my two boys.


Aaron showing some bad bromance to the birthday boy.


Bryan with Germaine & James


all of us from 4 different IJ schools, all from red house! RED HOUSE ROCKS!


Bryan likes to put everything inside his mouth. The cake.


The eyeball.


I hope it’s a different eyeball that’s in Aaron’s mouth and not the same one Bryan had else this would be really gross.



Maggots in mouth.


Zombie finger in mouth.


my head.


I love you big guy. Happy Birthday!



  1. 1. the cake does look fantastic. mong outdid herself again!
    2. why would you expect aaron to be on time?! like seriously?!
    3. hah i just left a comment on tricia’s lj that red rocks. then i saw this post of yours. was anyone from ijtp?!

    1. 1. yes she did! but i like what she did for cookyn mervyn too!
      2. ya what was i expecting right. i bet if he’s ever on time for dates with chicks he’s crazy about. i think we should sabo him. if he’s late again with us, the next chick he has a crush on, we TELL THEM about his rubberband time!
      3. well tricia is technically from IJ TP but she said she was at IJ BEFORE they moved to TP so that makes her IJ Victoria so she’s “purebred”. i put ” ” because i’m more purebred than she is, having been in st nicks for 11 years.
      omg you’re from IJ TP?? *hisss booooo* (btw i didn’t know TP and st nicks were supposed to be “enemies” till i left school)

      1. 1. ooh what did she do?
        2. hmm gd idea but i doubt he is worried abt us telling them abt his rubberband time…as long as he doesn’t do it her…they prob won’t believe us..
        3. haha yah la pure bred. i agree actually. :p and how could you not know abt ijtp and st nicks?! you girls are CHEENA! we no like cheena girls! :p

      2. 1. she made a stove cake! right down to the little pots and pans. it’s at
        2. i think we’d have to wear the SIA logo on our foreheads for him to care pfft
        3. top 10 school ok! top 10! unlike you TP ahlians!! got liao one ok! i can’t speak mandarin but can still get B3. got liao one ok! *thumps chest*

      3. (at least better than KC girls. that one all lesbians)

  2. I challenge Mong to make a technically accurate Primary Flight Display cake! Hahahahaha!

    And no need to tell them about my rubber-time, as it is they already know…. 😛

    1. i checked already.. Mong out of town that week 😦

      1. Nooooooooooooooooo! MY PFD CAKE!!!!

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