He likes tall girls

Over dessert.

Him: you don’t ever have to worry about me liking some cute girl coz if she were as bimbotic as my trainee, I wouldn’t be interested.

Me: what if she were ugly yet smart?

Him: I won’t date her if she’s ugly?

Me: *raised eyebrow but not commenting*

Him: well it’s not possible to find someone who’s cute, tall, smart, discuss politics and is a geek. So don’t worry!

Me: are you saying you prefer tall girls?!?!?!

Him: they walk faster?

Me: what?!

Him: uhm… no?

Me: why is that a questioning tone of voice! Say it with more conviction!

Him: no!

Me: hmph!!



  1. why? are you tall?

    1. >.< you're doing this on purpose!

  2. But he’s not answering the most important question of all: is his trainee cute? Hahahaha!

    1. he’s smarter than to answer that -_-

      1. You can say you’re asking for me what. What if she is! And my type! 😛

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