Sumono (Okonomiyaki), Prinsep Street

We discovered Sumomo at Prinsep yesterday which serves Okonomiyaki. Actually we had always known it was there coz we eat at the Italian/Persian restaurant next door but i never knew it was an Okonomiyaki restaurant.

HOW TO COOK YOUR OWN OKONOMIYAKI guide // condiments clearly labeled.

it reminded me of the Okonomiyaki restaurant we went to in Japan after our radiohead concert. it’s called Okonomiyakiwahahahaha and the lines were really long. the boys who greeted us as we entered were the typical loud japanese WELCOME TO OUR RESTAURANT WAHAHAHA variety. they cooked it for us and dumped our Okonomiyaki before us. Linda and I pigged out massively.

But at Sumomo or Sumono (i’m not sure which), we had the choice of cooking it for ourselves which i made Bryan do it. they served a mix of egg, prawn, squid, cabbage, and a bunch of other things that goes into an Okonomiyaki. you toss it on an oiled grill pan and watch it fry. minutes later, just flip it over. really easy peasy!

they ran out of hamburg steak so Bryan ordered a yakisoba, which is basically mee goreng actually. i’ve always thought hamburg steak was some danish / swedish / austrian type of food until i realised it’s merely hamburger patty without the bread.

they had really yummy deep fried salmon skin and grilled corn. mmm i never thought i’d love corn so much.


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