I love our conversations

at the toy shop

me: what will you do with a lightsaber?
Bry: uhm.. swing it around?

much later on:

me: I almost bought you a leather watch for your birthday.
Bry: I don’t need a leather watch.
me: but you need a lightsabre.
Bry: yes!
me: more than you need a leather watch.
Bry: yes! I already have a watch. I don’t already have a lightsabre.
me: coz you already have a watch but you don’t have a lightsabre to swing around.
Bry: Yes!
me: so why do you want to get a blue lightsabre.
Bry: because I already have a red lightsabre, I don’t have a blue one.
me: but you have a metal watch but not a leather watch.
Bry: but I don’t wear leather watches!



  1. i don’t think i could do leather watches either.

    but lightsabers of different colors WOULD be pretty cool 🙂

  2. yea he thought i should get the blue one so we could have a mock battle in the living room. i’m like wut? sure, we can fight all the way to the lift lobby.

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