Mixed Martial Arts

Scored an invite to Martial Comabt, a Mixed Martial Art championships held at Resorts World Sentosa. like Inception, I went there not knowing what was going on except that there was some action involved. the ring was set up in one of their ballrooms, surrounded by rows of chairs with a stage to one side and food & beer on the other. what is violence without alcohol right? the turnout was pretty sparse as perhaps MMA is not a very well-known spot in Singapore yet.

MMA involves fighting from different martial arts, such as judo, wrestling, Muey Thai, Brazillian Jujitsu and others. the whole point of the fight is to get as many punches at your opponent to score points, not punch him till his eyes cross. so to prevent your opponent from punching you, there’s a lot of jumping around the ring avoiding, while trying to sneak a kick or two in.

picture belongs to some UK MMA club. check out his expression man. i’m pretty sure he’s feeling something.

there were 5 fights in total and they were pretty boring at first. the china guy from the first fight spent so much time being in the defense that there wasn’t much action going on. a typical defensive pose involves one man mounting the other (YES I KNOW HOW FUNNY THAT SOUNDS! IMAGINE HOW FUNNY THAT LOOKS!) and trying to hold his hands down while punching him in the face. the man on defense will try to hold the guy’s limbs to his body so it’s a really awkward and intimate position. a really good fight was the one between the 2 girls. they really gave their best, punching and kicking each other. definitely much better than the 2 other male fights before theirs, where one guy went down under 3 minutes because he FAINTED in mid-fight. one minute he was trying to fight off the heavier guy, next minute he was down on the ground with the heavier guy looking at him in puzzlement. it was a split second thing and the referee stepped in to declare the match over. i didn’t know what happened till the guy in front of me turned around and announced, “OH MY GOD THE DUDE FAINTED! WIN BY FAINTING! HA HA!”

speaking of which, the show wouldn’t be half as entertaining by the group of friends who sat in front of behind us. Not sure if they were American or Australian, but their comments were hilarious. i don’t think they were true fans but were just there for a lark coz they were shouting things like… PUNCH HIS FACE! KICK HIM IN THE GROINNN! PUNNNNCH HIIIIISSS FAAAACE!

when there was a power trip and the lights went out, the entire room boo-ed at the organisers. these 4 friends started monkeying around. one shouted, “THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! FIGHT IN THE DARK! QUICK PUNCH HIM BEFORE THE LIGHTS COME ON!” his friend suddenly stood up and yelled, “EVERYONE! TURN ON YOUR CELLPHONES! TURN ON YOUR CELLPHONES! COLLECTIVELY we can LIGHT THE ROOM UP!!” while the last did a staged whisper towards the ring, “you.. are.. a ninja….a ninnjaaaaa..” i laughed. SO. HARD.

the ceiling of resorts world ballroom. fascinating.


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