Memories of Chilis

We decided to pig out at Chilis at Resorts World Sentosa. the place was kinda as I remembered. they had their famous Fajitas and Margaritas. but the decor was similar to the Chilis i used to work at at Orchard Parade Hotel more than 10 years ago. I don’t know what possessed me to work as a waitress but that I did. I remember my first week of work was torture under this moron called Paul. he was this yaya papaya who had his nose stuck up his arse and I couldn’t stand his attitude. 2 days into my training, he berated me for not being able to carry 5 root beer mugs in EACH HAND when some other chick the same size as I was, who had been working there FOR MONTHS could. i’m like FUCK YOU DUDE! IT’S ONLY MY SECOND DAY! but i said that all in my head coz I was a timid lil’ one then.

anyway my two best memories of the place was Christmas eve when a waiter dropped an entire tray of plates and glassware with a HUGE CRASH and the entire restaurant burst into applause. the other was when i got a $10 tip.

but then my stint at Chilis lasted a few weeks before school term started again. after that, I went to work at Spageddies instead and it was a much nicer place.
anyway we ate till we burst. ordered a mix rack of ribs of two kinds of sauces; HONEY BBQ (not so nice) and their new flavour SWEET CAROLINA (very nice and slightly tangy). i whacked 5 ribs while Bryan stuffed his face with beef quesadillas. we had a pitcher of their Presidente Margarita made of Tequila, Cointreau and Brandy. VERY NICE! i should throw a house part and serve that.

after all that, we even ordered an apple pie despite me telling Bryan not to. i had food up to my tonsils. you’ll see a trend. Bryan always over order. then we over eat. i blame Bryan.


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