Gamer Bur finally finishes Mass Effect 1

i FINALLY finished this damn game. it’s simpler and easier to play than Dragonage but I bet I took twice as long to do it. you see the only times I have to play are close to zilch coz I spend most of my non-working hours either sleeping, or hanging out with people. I used to spend my weekends just being a total slob in front of the monitor and killing monsters but ever since Bryan A.D. I spend my times at his place with no access to my games.

the game mechanics are pretty simple. your character is given several missions with one end goal, to save the Universe. the choices you make in the game determines whether you’re a good person (Paragon) or bad (Renegade). from the character profile, you can choose to either charm or intimidate people around you to get what you want. being a goody two shoes, i chose Paragon of course, a lifetime (game-wise) of doing good deeds and making life-saving decisions. the game is a little like those Chose Your Own Adventure books from the 80s, of course back then, you can cheat where if you died, you just flip back a few pages and make another choice. on Mass Effect, we have what gamers call a GAME WALKTHROUGH, where other players have listed out the complete list of options you should go for for maximum points. of course that’s cheating but so is Save/Load game.

i chose a female Shepard, the main protagonist. but because this game is old, they didn’t include a screenshot function so i have no pictures of my cool character. instead i have to steal from the internet.

apparently your characters can have sex with each other, something that Dragonage was known for too. Perhaps Bioware, makers of both games, are run by jikopehs. anyway i totally missed it! apparently i wasn’t supposed to rush through the game completing missions but instead slack around, hang out with the crew and sleep around.

a parody of Mass Effect.


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