Popular culture references

I was washing my hands in the office toilet when I bumped into a colleague who was wearing a leather jacket. I commented twas cool and it’s like Grease like that. she started singing You’re The One That I Want… and we burst out laughing. I told her the story of how my boyfriend, who’s a secondary school teacher, was lamenting the other day that kids these days don’t get what he says. he was trying to educate them on world politics and he started using tactics and strategies and brought out names from Starcraft. All he got was a room full of blank faces. he was railing at how these kids don’t even know Starcraft when during his time, it was THE coolest thing to be associated to. I think only a geek would think an encyclopedic knowledge of a computer game is considered.. cool.

I asked him when was Starcraft launched and he said 1998. I asked him how old would his kids have been at that year and after doing the maths, he realised they were born in 1994 and they would have only been 4 years old when Starcraft was popular. I gave him the look but he insisted that Starcraft was so cool it should transcend all ages and eras. I didn’t want to remind him of the V thing I kept annoying him with (the popular V show of the 80s which he didn’t know about at all. We were all shocked but considering when V came out he was only 2 years old, I guess it was understandable… but STILL!)

so my colleague related her own story where she said “Hawaii 5-O” during a course and no one in the room got it and she was like WHAT?! and i immediately hummed deng deng deng deng DEENNGG DENNGGG and we both clapped happily. then she paused and asked, how old are you exactly?

when I told her my age she was shocked coz yes yes I don’t look my age but it really explained the Grease and Hawaii 5-O reference.

and the whole point of this story? to remind everyone I don’t look a day over 27 🙂

One comment

  1. hey now…you don’t need to be a geek to know what a zerg rush is!!!

    oh gosh….i’m getting old.

    in other news…what grabbed my attention was that you were washing your hands in the toilet, lol. i know what you meant, but the I found the alternate visual amusing :).

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