Osia, Resorts World Sentosa

A group of ex-colleagues decided that it’s time to meet up again to celebrate belated birthdays and renew friendships. We used to be a tightly knit lunch team but like all things that change, people do move on to better, or worse, jobs. Since one of them was working at Resorts World Sentosa, he recommended this Australian restaurant called Osia for a get-together. Almost everyone turned up, which was a rare occasion. usually due to family or work commitments, the group was usually half strength.

the restaurant was pleasantly decorated in white with an open kitchen, where you can see chefs busily working at their stations. Upon arrival, they served us a great variety of bread covered with different spices; garlic, red spice, and an assortment I can’t remember. but the best bread in the basket was a plain foccacia bread that was so light and fluffy, it was the first to go.

Oysters served on some Seafood Ice Platter. disgusting colourless things. I don’t understand how people eat these things. It smells and tastes horrible. While Bryan was slurping them down in Melbourne, I said it had the smell of unwashed vaginas. You should have seen the look on his face. That begets the question; how did I know what did unwashed vaginas smell like eh? well I could ask the same of those who say “tastes like shit”.

A pleasant compliment to the oysters were these seafood shooters mixed with fruit concoctions. We didn’t know what we were eating. I guessed mine was shrimp with guava icey. the rest were a mix of salmon, tuna, squid and oyster with pineapple, orange, wheatgrass and apple I think.

They had 2 kinds of mains; the regular choice of fish, beef, lamb and so on, and the other was from the grill. I of course chose the grill, although the only difference I could tell from the grilled beef and the regular beef was that the regular beef came with sauce on it, while the grilled beef came with sauce on the side. The beef was not too bad, but after having had beef in Australia, my standards have been raised.

Grilled lamb. now this was fantastically good. the meat was very tender and tasty and at medium, it wasn’t too cooked nor undercooked. I’d go back to have this again.

Apparently we were supposed to try their insanely yummy chocolate dessert but we had a birthday cake instead. In Australia, when someone was celebrating their birthday, everyone in the restaurant sang along. Here, it was only our table and the one or two waiters who deigned to leave their workstations to partake in a little merrymaking with a table of strangers. Sadness.


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