Gamer Bur loves Steam

It’s the 4th of July sale on Steam! HUAT AH!

My credit card bill from Melbourne just arrived. I took one look at the final amount, calmly closed it while I reminded myself which 4D numbers to buy on Wednesday, and placed it aside. I then opened my Steam account and started placing orders for games on sale this weekend.

Steam is this program that allows you to buy games online. The one good thing about it is it tracks the games you’ve bought and consistently sends updates and such to your computer if there are any. If they figured out a way to store your saved games on their server, you can virtually play your games anywhere, which is good for me since I now shuttle between two homes. I was told that they are creating the next generation of cloud gaming; where your games are saved and sorta played online so in the future it won’t matter if you don’t have the fastest or latest gaming rig. People can play top-of-the-line games on a basic gaming system. That’s revolutionary I must say. however, the game play would then be dependent on your internet connection. Booey.

Sometimes I find myself caught between two worlds; that of a regular girl who loves her shoes and clothes and all things typically feminine. then there are the other times I find myself sitting sloppily at my desk sans make-up, hair clipped practically away from my face as I concentrate on killing the monster on my computer. I once told Bryan that my finances are managed as such: I spent money on bags and shoes, but I do sometimes buy the occasional violent game (no Bejewelled TYVM) and every three years, I update my gaming computer. However there are those who will say it’s not that tough balancing both worlds. The percentage of female gamers are progressively growing. While it’s still more common to see an all male group pounding away at their keyboards to some unseen force, I game with a bunch of girls and when we do meet up in real life, we do invariably talk about the dragon killing tactics or the beautiful graphics of said game.

When I bought my current 22″ screen LCD monitor, I freaked out to Richard, “where am I going to put my make-up with this thing on my table?”
To which he calmly replied, “you don’t need make-up when you’re on World of Warcraft.”

That statement wins.

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