Somewhere in Melbourne

One would never think it but Melbourne can be really pretty.

We met Matthew that day for lunch. he brought us down little streets and showed us around. having lived in Melbourne for 10 years, he took us to some of his favourite haunts and coffee places. Being a photographer-hobbyist himself, he pointed out good shots here and there. Here’s one of the most photographed street in Melbourne, a little alley covered with graffiti and imagination.

Another street lined with little cafes, coffee joints and sandwich makers.

Flinders Station. Matthew said that we were really lucky that day coz the sun came out.

Matthew is someone I met when I first started playing World of Warcraft. Our little guild of 7 Singaporeans wandered into this larger guild of Australians and Americans and Matthew was part of the Australian group, made up mostly of university friends and co-workers. We drifted apart when the guild went separate ways. A year later, he contacted me as he was going to be in Singapore for holidays. Since it was Christmas, I invited him to my friend’s Christmas dinner and he met the rest of the Singaporeans in the guild. Almost 2 years later, thanks to Facebook, I manage to get a hold of him and here we are in Melbourne.

We walked along Southbank. Took us 2 hours. that’s what happens when you have 2 blokes, each armed with a camera and a sky full of sunshine.

I like this picture a lot.

We stopped at Transport Bar at Federation Square for a drink. or five.

Hello Boyfriend!

Seriously. Matthew is MY friend. I dunno how by the end of the day, he and Bryan managed to gang up on me. Bryan actually took that picture straight faced. Pfft.



  1. The last pic and comment made me LOL

    1. Hmph. I thought you were on MY side!

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